How to Pass the IELTS Exams in Nigeria.


The IELTS exam is one exam that most Nigerians including foreigners have not taken advantage of lately. Many Nigerians and foreigners alike do not understand the technical implications involved in their bid to prepare to write the exam, that is why the failure rate is very high.

Right from the history of the exam when it was first written in Lagos, the pass rate has always been between 8 percent and 10 percent on a monthly basis. This means that out of 4000 candidates that register to write the exam for academic or general training (immigration purpose) on a monthly basis only 32 or 40 candidates have been able to get the average pass mark. It is interesting to note that the IELTS exam is now written twice in one month in seven(7) centers all over the country. Right now, a lot of people are disillusioned about the exam and that is why something has to be done urgently so that all hopes will be restored concerning the technical aspect of preparation for the exam.


My name is Esiri  Dennis Tohabru. I have written as well as trained not less than one hundred and twelve (112) candidates on the IELTS exam skills. All of my students can testify to the unique skills they were opportune to acquire as they studied under my tutelage. In the IELTS exam, the first thing I always advise my students to do is to forget that they studied English skills throughout their learning period in high school or at the University Level. Those skills mean nothing to the examiners in IELTS or the immigration lawyers in English speaking countries. What makes meaning to them is your ability to have good grades based on stipulated average score across the board. They want a score that is closely related to listening, in reading, in writing, and in speaking tests.


The IELTS exam is essentially meant for those who want to travel overseas for further studies or for those who wish to migrate to English speaking countries for work. These countries include UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Ireland, and Hong Kong.

The major benefit about IELTS is that the certificate holder will have the opportunity to apply for jobs meant for citizens in their country of destination. Not only that, an IELTS certificate holder, when he/she enters any of these countries as a student can apply for work and enjoy all the benefits attached to the work without any restriction.

Another benefit is that with the IELTS certificate an immigrant can travel to any part of the world without restriction because you are considered a resident citizen.

Other benefits include:

  •  Job placement/job security
  •  No police or immigration officer harassment
  •  If husband or wife obtains the required IELTS band score, either is entitled to travel with their siblings even if they are up to six in the family.
  •  A lawyer based in the planned destinations will technically take charge of the immigration process. A solid arrangement 
  •  Travel visa will be issued in Ghana if you are traveling to Canada, for other countries the Visa office will take charge of the travel visa
  •  IELTS certificate is a Hot Cake for students seeking Visa to the UK NOW. 
  •  Examination scripts are marked in London, Canada or Australia
  • IELTS program is administered by the British Council, Australian Government, and  Canadian Government.

  • There is no restriction in terms of a candidate’s ability to write the IELTS exam. The least qualification is 5 credits at Ordinary level.
  • However, the candidates that applied for the program cut across all specter of society. Even Asian, other Africans, and Arabs are writing the exam on a monthly basis in this country.
  • To be more specific, the following groups of candidates are eligible to apply for the IELTS exams certification. 
  •  Doctors
  •  Lawyers
  •  Nurses
  •  Bankers
  •  Entrepreneurs
  •  Students
  •  Actors 
  •  Lecturers
  •  Local manufacturers 
  • Self-employed business owners 
  •  All those interested in getting temporary work permit

Actually, the list is endless for example, Artisans, computer scientists, Ph.D. holders in English Language are eligible to apply.


  •  5 credits in English and Mathematics.
  •  First Degree BSC/BA/BED/HND/OND/NCE
  •  Master (Added Advantage
  • Ph.D. (Added Advantage)


The course content is centered on the following modules: listening, reading, writing, and speaking.


On the part of the study center, the following financial implication is incurred.

The following are relevant.

  •  Cash receipt for payments
  • Certificates for lectures attended
  •  Classroom available for 40 students or more
  • Internet service availability
  • A standby generator
  • LCD, 3D or HD  TV screen
  •  Audio/Video Player
  •  Loud Speaker (2) 
  •  Handouts for Students


My personal observation has shown that candidates do not make adequate preparation for the exam.  They register for the exam before taking the lecture. For that singular reason, I prefer candidates to take the lectures first, revise their notes adequately, and take simulation tests before going for the exam proper.

Therefore, the ideal time frame for lectures and preparation should be one (1) month before the exam proper. Thereafter, students would be mandated to take a test prepared by the facilitator of the programme.

The next step will be application and registration online. Then, there will be the purchase of bank draft and be submitting the form to the nearest BRITISH COUNCIL OFFICE.


The IELTS exam and lectures are not meant for everybody, in fact, the program is meant for the middle class or upper class in the society. The reason for this fact is that if you want to travel to Canada for immigration, the fees to be paid to the immigration lawyer are from $1,600 to $2,000. The cost of medicals, travel ticket, accommodation for immigration purpose is not inclusive.

Application form fees, tutorials fees are payable to us.
Send email to

Exam fees (paid to British Council)

- Academic                N68,000.00

- General Training       N68,000.00

The lecture fees and registration fees charged by bluestockings include handout but excludes transportation and accommodation.

Note: Based on increased student intake, the fees could be pegged at (43,000) from the initial fee charged.


The IELTS program is a laudable program. It was created to help those in under – developed countries to experience the good life. So it is expected that families would rally round their wards by providing the financial assistance needed to actualize their dreams. And the good life can be achieved ONLY by IELTS certification.


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